tbx-9::yfp transcriptional fusion [Expr7328]

tbx-9 wormbase gene report

NOTE: YouTube "thumbnails" are just an appetizer. Each genotype has several 4D movies that can be viewed interactively at full resolution.

3 Slice4D movies


3 Stereo4D movies

tbx-9%yfp_0ab_pryx.mov (also viewable in ®© RedCyanStereo)
tbx-9%yfp_1ab_pryx.mov (also viewable in ®© RedCyanStereo)
tbx-9%yfp_2ab_pryx.mov (also viewable in ®© RedCyanStereo)

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wmohler said...

Movies made with hanging-embryo mounts (random DV/RL orientation for each embryo).

Integrated transgene array.

All movies are misoriented, with anterior to the right

Earliest expression ~160 minutes after fertilization, starting in hyp precursors. YFP becomes very bright in posterior/dorsal hyp7 precursors until elongation begins.

Distinguishable from tbx-8, which is expressed from a tandem promoter, by lower overall expression levels and either reduced amount or lack of muscle expression.

More than one dramatic shape change in dorsal hyp cells reaching to engulf cell corpses.

0Jab = dorsal view
1Jab = dorsal view
2Jab = dorsolateral view