About CytoSHOW

See for yourself.  
Share what you see.  


View and Navigate huge multidimensional movies

        ...without downloading them.

Link-In from WormBase gene pages

        to CytoSHOW movies of embryonic transgene expression.

Link-Out directly from CytoSHOW image annotations

        to the WormBase Anatomy Ontology,

        to Google,

        to Wikipedia. 


Teach principles of Cell/Developmental Biology and Microscopy

        via hands-on manipulation of primary data.

Explore the embryonic cell lineage via bookmarked annotations:

        search and sort events (alphabetically, chronologically, or spatially).

Experience and Combine optical-sectioning, time-lapse recording, hypervolumes

        ...without needing access to a microscope. 


Measure and Evaluate uncompressed raw imaging data

        ...without storing it.

Observe and Quantify cellular dynamics,

        throughout the embryo.

Adjust Brightness/Contrast or Pseudocolor movies,

        to optimize your visual perception.

Dissect out cells digitally,

        to view/measure them clearly in isolation.

Script complex image processing/analysis algorithms,

        to extract quantitative data from movies.


Fit your own imaging data

        to a common space-time frame with CytoSHOW movies.

Synchronize multiple embryos in space and time
       to perform WT-vs-mutant phenotype analysis,

        to do virtual co-expression or co-localization experiments,

        to appraise variations in cell division/morphology, protein localization, etc.

Collaborate & Publish

Output publication-quality video

        to "hard-copy" your results.

Share your observations/annotations

        with a single collaborator or the entire community.
Edit public annotations or web comments

        to extend the community knowledge base.

Add your own private annotations

        to build upon the publicly accessible data.