hlh-1::yfp transcriptional fusion [Expr7318]

hlh-1 wormbase gene report

NOTE: YouTube "thumbnails" are just an appetizer. Each genotype has several 4D movies that can be viewed interactively at full resolution.

1 Slice4D movie


1 Stereo4D movie

hlh-1%yfp_4bn_pryx.mov (also viewable in ®© RedCyanStereo)


wmohler said...

In the one available movie, expression is in the body muscles, first visible in 4 precursors ~150 minutes after fertilization. Later visible in daughters of these and other cells. Final pattern appears to extend nose to tail in all 4 muscle quadrants, but is strongest in the posterior 2/3 on the ventral side.

wmohler said...

Movies made with hanging-embryo mounts (random DV/RL orientation for each embryo).