F25B4.2::gfp transcriptional fusion [Expr7315]

F25B4.2 wormbase gene report

NOTE: YouTube "thumbnails" are just an appetizer. Each genotype has several 4D movies that can be viewed interactively at full resolution.

4 Slice4D movies


4 Stereo4D movies

F25B4.2%gfp_0af_pryx.mov (also viewable in ®© RedCyanStereo)
F25B4.2%gfp_1af_pryx.mov (also viewable in ®© RedCyanStereo)
F25B4.2%gfp_2af_pryx.mov (also viewable in ®© RedCyanStereo)
F25B4.2%gfp_3af_pryx.mov (also viewable in ®© RedCyanStereo)


wmohler said...

All movies are from hanging embryo mounts(random DV/LR orientation for each embryo).

Expression seen in many cells of the head, but not in hypodermis or mass of pharynx.

"Stool-leg-shaped" cells, similar to those seen in aff-1 expression patterns, are visible at the mouth shortly before movement starts. But the fluorescence of neighbors makes it hard to judge if they are the same cells seen with aff-1::gfp.

0Jaf = dorsal view beginning soon after onset of expression
1Jaf = ventral view beginning just at onset of expression
2Jaf = dorsolateral view, beginning long before expression starts
3Jaf = dorsal view beginning very early, ending at start of morphogenesis

Ocampo said...

I watched a couple of videos, both with pseudo-coloring and fluorescence. I was looking for a video that would provide me with some detail about migration patterns of cells in the anterior portion of the embryo. I found F25B4.2gC0af.mov and outlined a 3D project selected region, and used this program to manipulate and analyze this specific cell.

It is a good program, although some things may seem somewhat confusing for an undergraduate student, but I found it very useful for educational purposes once the basics of the program are understood. It provided our class with valuable insights to embryonic development of C. elegans.