cwn-1::yfp transcriptional fusion [Expr7311]

cwn-1 wormbase gene report

NOTE: YouTube "thumbnails" are just an appetizer. Each genotype has several 4D movies that can be viewed interactively at full resolution.

2 Slice4D movies

2 Stereo4D movies (also viewable in ®© RedCyanStereo) (also viewable in ®© RedCyanStereo)


wmohler said...

Expression in the most posterior ~20 body wall muscle cells, extending back to a point in the tail. First detectable at ~100 minutes in 2 cells that divide and brighten through morphogenesis.

wmohler said...

Hanging embryo mounts (random orientation for each embryo).

Embryos are mis-oriented with posterior to left in these movies.

1Jar = lateral view.
3Jar = ventral view.